Testing is paramount to developing the proper treatment plan when it comes to Natural Hormone Replacement. Hormone testing can be extremely varied and unreliable. What is present in the blood at a given moment may not be the true representation of how your body is functioning on a cellular level on a daily basis. We offer multiple options to best evaluate your hormones from a functional standpoint.

  • In-office bloodwork
  • Advanced testing
  • 24 hour at-home collection available
  • Urine & Salivary testing
  • Full hormonal profiles including DHEA, SHGB, FSH, LH and much more
  • Cortisol & adrenal health profiles

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Injected into the thigh, glute, or deltoid muscles, testosterone is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. One advantage of injections is flexibility — dosages can be changed with each injection, if necessary, to achieve optimal concentrations. Administered weekly, biweekly, or bi-monthly, testosterone injections can boost energy, sex drive, and quality of erections; increase lean muscle mass; decrease body fat; boost memory and concentration; and relieve anxiety and depression.

Comprehensive Male Hormone Replacement

Some patients need more than just testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). While TRT is the most common answer, we also have the tools and over 20 years of experience in a functional medicine approach to address the whole picture. Other hormone related issues we see in our male patients that can be balanced include:

  • DHEA
  • Estrogen
  • Cortisol
  • FSH, LH

Female Hormones

Female hormones are significantly more complex than male hormones. The female cycle spans 24-35 days on average while the male hormone cycle is merely 24 hours. Perimenopause and Menopause are an additional difference along with how the female body responds to stress. There is much to be considered, and it usually takes some time to find the best approach for each woman. We are partnered with several compounding pharmacies with experienced pharmacists who are available to assist in the most complicated cases.