Lower back pain is a condition poorly understood by most physicians. The biggest mistake we see is doctors assuming positive X-RAY or MRI findings are the only or sole cause of the pain the patient experiences.

At SWGCM, we view the spine as a structure that must have an intact, solid FOUNDATION to be healthy and pain free. This means the pelvis, tailbone, and sacroiliac joints (joints between the hips and tailbone) must be functioning normally. We’ve even helped hundreds of patients who have been to pain management specialists to receive risky and painful steroid epidurals only to have their pain return.

When we focus on the underlying problem of sacroiliac joint dysfunction with natural injections, chiropractic adjustments, and targeted neurological exercises, the pain goes away and STAYS GONE. Our treatments have zero serious side effects in the vast majority of patients. We also utilize regenerative medicine to help heal damage to the joints and ligaments of the spin. Finally, we leverage the healing power of pulsed magnetic frequency therapy, square wave electrostimulation, and cold laser photobiomodulation to increase blood flow and cellular waste removal from the damaged area.