ChiroThin is tested and proven Weight Loss Program available at SWGCM because it is based on over 70 years of weight loss research.

The program is designed to help individuals lose weight AND improve their overall health. By following the program and incorporating lifestyle changes, individuals can experience improved health and successful weight loss–most people lose over 20 lbs of fat in 30 days or less!

Weight loss is a frustrating task for most people. SWGCM has taken all the confusion and struggle out of dropping those extra pounds. ChiroThin offers the one-two punch of doctor supervised weight loss with the very latest in NON-DRUG appetite suppression. This makes following a healthy diet easy and even enjoyable. Medical supervision at SWGCM is tailored to each patient’s needs as well. No matter if the need to lose 100 pounds to avoid knee replacement or only 10 pounds for that spring wedding, SWGCM is here to help.